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I do one on one coaching only with select clients  that are ready to face their challenges and get creating their dream lives in practical and grounded ways. If you are interested in doing one on one work with shae you can enquire through the book now button to email shae and receive an intro pack about the work. Spots are strictly limited as these sessions are highly personalised, focused and demand a lot of time and attention from Shae to works with you.  Sessions are hosted on skype unless otherwise arranged. Face to face training is available by enquiry too when the time is available.

With the amount of strategies and care that I put into my work it is highly unlikely that you will not see some powerful changes from our coaching time together. There are so many angles of perspective and resources that I will introduce you to that it will be basically impossible to not feel better and have amazing benefits start to arise  If for any reason you feel like you didn’t get your money worth of that the techniques are not useful then you can talk to me about your money back.

There are several options to get you moving. To begin watch the free tour and sign up for the subscription to get access to the beginning 30-day M.A.P. challenge. This will give you everything you need to get a kickstart. If you feel you wish to get some specialized personal work then you can contact me and discuss doing some sessions. To get access to me you can contact me via the contact page.

One of the purposes of liberated man is to offer a means of reorientation and positive forward momentum in a scary and changing world of destructive ideologies and systems of limited freedom.

To bring the focus back to our centre of power and to provide us with systems of resolution and resourcefulness as we also systematically walk away from the traps of life that are rigged to keep people in slavery. To focus on passion projects and community building, sustainable systems and technologies, ecologically viable wealth building, personal systems of legal protection and lifestyle design.

Inner game is all about how to set up mindsets and frames for success. This includes but is not limited to becoming authentic in yourself and expressing it. Facing reality like a resourceful man with a sense of grounded resourcefulness. Accepting and working with yourself. Learning to work with your own mind and emotions. Mastering awareness. Using your will and love to break free dancing on the ocean of opposites. Transcending your limited self.

The best place to start is where you are. Begin with the self-awareness to know you want to change and realize that life is short and painful in many ways so your best defense is to get to work making the most of your life now and into the future. You can start with the 30 MAP challenge and get all you need for an overview of your life along with all the tools and perspectives you need to transform your daily habits and get you aligned to your mission and purpose as a creator of your destiny. If you choose to join the subscription you will be welcomed into an ongoing community based learning hub for accountability and learning that will help you stay on Track.

Inner refers to the internal subjective reality we all occupy with our perception and how we can become aware of it and change it. Game refers to the understanding that life has structures of patterns and habits that are like games. If you define and align yourself to success in a given game of life you can gain the benefits of being a good player or operator in life. Inner game is all about how you are looking at and creating your life through navigating your experience and choosing to make the most of the life that you have. Simply put inner game coaching is an elite cutting edge multi-disciplinary coaching solution for dealing with the challenges of the human condition. Some of the common aims of this work are to create a deep level of confidence, happiness, motivation, and lasting inner empowerment.

Part of the uniqueness of these sessions is that they are highly personalized. When you sign up you will receive a questionnaire that will start your inner game journey and help shae to customise his skills to your needs. You will be introduced to powerful inner game frameworks and techniques that take you through processes to reveal the core essences within you that is truly powerful and life-changing. This kind of coaching and support is unlike any other out there. Shae's expanse of understanding about techniques and mindsets is broad and dynamic so you are sure to get what you need in a coach and mentor if you want to improve your mindsets, love and accept yourself more get on with what you really love in life.

Inner game training is for people that are seriously ready for change. Not for the faint of heart. This work requires courage and the desire to move beyond limitations to a more fulfilling experience of life.  

Inner game training if applied sincerely delivers a permanent and lasting change in your Life through empowering you to be your best self at a core level. Training will save you months or even years of pain by giving you key skills that add confidence, help you break through limitations, develop awareness and insight that are truly priceless.  You will have Increased abilities to feel confident and design the lifestyle you want. Some areas of focus are

How to become naturally confident, seductive and high self-esteem man, capable of meeting and attracting and dating high-quality women. How to be more integrated in your character without needing to change who you are. Instead of forcing yourself to try and be someone you are not you will learn to access more of your inner archetypal resources and unleash your inner heroic man with ease. Guaranteed to be worth 50 times its cost, saving you years of pain and frustration to instead living a life abundant with freedom and choice to create… no student has asked for a refund, EVER.

Not at all. We all need mentors, teachers and healers in life at times. Showing up and going through a learning process of change to better yourself is one of the most powerful and life changing things you can do. People that get coaching and mentoring are often among the top performers in their field and if you use the same tools on your life you can also create an amazing life for yourself based on what is god for you fast. The idea that receiving coaching or getting help with your confidence is something to be ashamed of is a toxic mindset. Receiving coaching and training can transform your world view and experiences in ways you can even imagine right now. It takes great courage and spirit to want to initiate yourself into a bigger world and take on the power and responsibility of becoming more of what you are as a mature man.

Yes, Inner game can help with this exact thing. 2 of the biggest lessons in inner game is to:

1. love yourself and know your worth in the world by also creating an inner self that is reflective of this high self-worth and abundance.  

2. Second is permission to go for what you want and do it with the skill to be as masterful as possible but to also just be yourself where you are as well.

In this way, you learn to both accept and love what is (including yourself) as well as having a sense of purpose and direction that is driven by what you are constantly becoming through creative and aligned focus. Inner game will help you to set all this up an unconscious level also, so you will be moving towards success  automatically. To do this takes some awareness and application of techniques but the good news it’s possible to change and you can and will change if you do the work suggested.

Cryptocurrencies will be considered as payment depending on the time of purchase and type of currency. Contact me for more information.

You will only appear in video if you give permission. If you don't then we will avoid shots that include you or blur your image so you will be unrecognisable.

The good news is that inner game is useful no matter where you are in all times and places. Its all about attitude and techniques that can help you stay on point and get the most out of your day through feeling good and fulfilling outcomes.

It's a safe bet that the session in ints self will make big changes. The support you will receive includes documents and resources in audio and video form as well as access to a group of other students that are also on the same journey. You will also have access to me as a mentor and coach through the fb group.

Yes if you truly don't believe that you got your money's worth then talk to me and we can discuss what's going on for you. If a refund is necessary that's possible also.

Depending in the package you get you you will receive access to the Liberated Man fb group and subscription learning academy. If you get one on one coaching with me you will get 3 hours on skype and I will give you the recording of the session afterwards. If you specifically require an action plan and homework for developing a certain skill or area of your life, I will provide you with all written and multimedia resources required to proceed to the next stages.



When you sign up you will receive a personal introduction to Shae to discuss your aims and issues. If you chose to continue with coaching you will begin the introduction to the Inner Game coaching process that can help you get on your way to confidence, choice and a rock solid attitude toward life. Get prepared to start becoming a true master of your life.


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