Upgrade your life with INNER GAME COACHING & Join the Evolution!

Sick of feeling stuck on the sideline of your life? Want to unleash your full potential and be free of feelings of self-doubt, confusion, sabotage, and limitation?

Inner Game Coaching with Shae Matthews is a powerful way to help you move towards your goals, feel better with yourself, and build a game plan for your life in a supportive and motivating way.

During coaching with Shae, you will learn how to let go of negative baggage, focus your mind, heart, and will to fulfill your potential and to take action. Shae will provide you with all you need to integrate powerful life-changing mindsets and actions that will result in positive personal change in multiple areas of your life.

Because no two people are the same, Inner Game coaching is very individualized and is structure to your own individual needs in order to guide you towards the life you want. 


Inner Game coaching is a fully integrated approach to life change, composed of tools and knowledge from many fields but the focus and outcome is all towards the same thing: actualising your highest potential. Put simply, Inner Game coaching is the study of effective mindsets, strategies, and tactics to get back in the driving seat of your life rather than reacting to it. It can help you to understand and master the way you are playing the game of life with your mind and body from moment to moment. 

Some of the fields that Shae's coaching draws from include: Neuroscience, Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Energetic Psychology, meditation sciences, Esoteric traditions of mastery, and eastern and western philosophy as well.  Inner Game works within the framework of your life philosophy and personal identity and how you are expressing yourself in the moment through your beliefs, emotions, attitudes, and behaviours. 

Your inner beliefs, emotions, and attitudes shape everything in your life, the way you perceive certain events, or even the way you react to certain people or situations all depend on how you perceive things. If you’re constantly dealing with negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, fear, self-doubt, Sadness, or if you have limiting behaviours such as procrastination or self-sabotage than Inner Game coaching is for you.

The overall aim of Inner Game is to give you powerful tools to make your life more empowering, fun, joyful, and exciting. This is done by developing ways of seeing and dealing with life that will give you more freedom, happiness, confidence, direction and overall purpose in life.

Inner game coaching is a holistic system of self-development that can lead you to high levels of self liberation and satisfaction.

Step into the process of becoming your true self

Most methods and coaches and counseling out there today only prescribe superficial changes in thought or action by giving you information without really supporting your deeper inner development and subconscious belief change. This results in a sense of frustration that you KNOW what you SHOULD do, but you FEEL you CAN'T do it. This is because the deeper issue of understanding yourself and healing the mess of your mind and heart is complex and without the right approach very frustrating.

Dealing with your past trauma, healing your guilt, shame, fear, and really having your inner game handled is one of the most important and overlooked elements of real transformation for a man seeking success and fulfillment in life.

Shae’s Inner Game Coaching is effective and powerful because it integrates a holistic approach that uses your own power and resourcefulness in conjunction with the support and guidance of the coaching process.

Inner game is not just about quick fixes and methods. Instead, you will step into the process of becoming your true self.

Learn powerful effective solutions to many issues we face in our modern times including.
  • Clearing traumas, negative blocks, and beliefs from your life that stop you from feeling alive and confident.
  • Creating powerful new life directions, habits, and strategies of effectiveness.
  • Breaking addictions, old habits, and compulsions.
  • Mastering your attention.
  • Improving your ability to truly master your life, relationships, sexuality, and self-love.
  • Becoming more spiritually connected and develop a map of personal evolution.
  • Increasing your vibe to being positive, having mindsets of abundance, luck and overall happiness.
  • Learning to manage your emotions, health, and energy in your own personal special way.
  • Manifesting your dreams with goals, life planning, trance, and visualisation.
  • Letting go of attachments.
  • Deepening your knowledge of self and letting go of what is not useful.
  • Developing social and interpersonal confidence.
  • Attracting healthy relationships with women who enrich your life emotionally.
  • Understanding dating and what you want in relationships and life.
  • Creating deeper connections with the women you like, bringing them great sexual experience and adventure.
  • Expressing authentic desires & intent to your relationships even if you want to date multiple girls openly and honestly.
  • Changing your life by taking action.
  • Developing positive communication.
  • Having more confidence to go for what you want and be free in expressing yourself.
  • Understanding your mind.
  • Powerful abilities in understanding your mind and be free from the stresses that hold you back.
  • Becoming embodied in your masculinity.
  • Deepening feelings of connection and alignment with your true nature and the world around you.
  • Cultivating self-love appreciation gratitude and an excess of value to share with the world.
  • Excellence in building your character and creating your own destiny.
After the coaching, most clients have an instant and irreversible shift in perspective that ripples into all areas of their lives.

Coaching Structure

The coaching is structured so you will learn techniques you can use on yourself. All changes are designed to be personally effective and ongoing but also flexible to your needs as well.
During sessions Shae pays special attention to make sure he is giving you tailored feedback as well as a powerful roadmap so you know how to move to the next level in your life.

What you will get when you sign up

Inner Game Strategy Questionnaire

A powerful inner game strategy questionnaire designed to help you both focus on what has been challenging you as well as what you wish to change to take your life to the next level.

Live Sessions with Shae

Live session time with Shae filled with action packed conversation, trance work and practical tools to make the changes you desire in life. It’s all you need in a affordable and easily integratabtle package.

Exclusive Resources

Hand selected supportive resources picked by Shae that are specifically catered to your needs. Shae's Library of knowledge is extensive and vast, and constantly being updated in search of the best tools to provide students on their path to self-discovery.

More balanced life

Inner game teaches how to  break down your limiting beliefs and self-image resulting in feeling liberated to do what you want without shame, guilt, anxiety or fear, while also genuinely expressing your desires in an effective way!


Get your 1on1 coaching with Shae

When you sign up you will receive a personal introduction to Shae to discuss your aims and issues. If you choose to continue with coaching you will begin the introduction to the Inner Game coaching process that can help you get on your way to confidence, choice, and a rock solid attitude toward life. Be prepared to start becoming a true master of your life.


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