The 7 Day Masculine Awakening Process - Pilot Program


Learn how to remove limiting beliefs about your self worth, express yourself authentically and effectively create a more more fulfilling sense of well being in less than 1 hour a day.

Break Bad Habits and Mindsets

Learn how to develop positive addictions, habits and compulsions that can give you a powerful edge in your day to day life .

Develop Your Will and Direction

Discover how creating strategies of effectiveness can help you increase your energy and well being for the better.

Learn State Management

Find out the most important keys to manage emotions and energy in your own way. Become a master of your state.

""Shae has a great ability to reduce overthinking and transform self-imposed limitations into forward momentum. With the stresses and expectations that we put on ourselves with life and women it is great to have access Shae's vast knowledge and have the tools to deal with any situation and give me mindsets that can help me get what I want from life.  From break ups to motivation to self-empowerment, Shae has helped treat my inner battles with the respect, care and ethical strength they deserve, helping me to take action on my feelings and live up to my potential.""

Melbourne, Australia

Enter the Hero

If you are sick of being stuck in the past, sick of not being able to move forward, sick of not being able to not get anything done and sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. 

This is a short but powerful kick start to get you moving and feeling good about yourself and your life. 

The goal of the 7-Day Awakening Process – Is to help you get fired up  and assist you to feel in your flow so you can more effectively move achieve your desires with alignment, momentum and a feeling of being on track as you move through your day to and create your path ahead. 

If you are the kind of guy that is looking for changes and wants to understand what exactly inner game is all about, this is a powerful base to begin from.

If you are in a habit of not being disciplined, being introverted and stuck in lazy, low energy states or negative thinking. Everything else in your life is going to be hard. 

There are many reasons we may find ourselves in a position like this. 

The good news is that the 7 Day Awakening is pretty much guaranteed to help you feel better, get disciplined, feel more outgoing and directed with your focus towards a positive life. 

I want to get you feeling better about yourself and your day and your future CONSISTENTLY!

To get you to that level I will take you through a series of learnings on 

    1. Boosting your physical state.
    2. Setting up morning rituals and goals. 
    3. Managing your mental states.
    4. Implementing a successful forward thinking attitude.
    5. Refining and using your intent.
    6. Adapting and embracing change. 
    7. Accessing higher levels of consciousness.
Are you ready for the next level? Lets begin…



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