Hi there
I'm Shae Matthews.

Transformational Inner Game Coach for over 20 years.

I'm guessing you are here because you are curious how to change something, to find a different way of doing things that’s more effective or maybe to learn something. Then you'll want to know who I am.

Well, like many guys out there I'm a guy that has been on a path of sorting out my existential position for a life time. What I want to talk to you today is about a new way of looking at yourself, your experience, and maybe even a new way of looking at reality itself.

Understand reality

If you are anything like me, you want to make your understanding of reality more effective and sophisticated, Why?...because you live in the world of complexity and unknowns that require your attention. Developing your mastery of reality requires a more sophisticated and effective understanding of things because the more masterful you are the less likely you'll encounter unnecessary suffering due to ignorance of circumstances that could have been avoided!

Revolution of Yourself

If you DON'T want to not suffer from the curse of unconscious self-destruction and self-sabotage it really does matter what you're thinking and how you go about using your mind in conjunction with your body, emotions, and actions. The good news is that over the last few decades there's been a revolution in thinking and this revolution offers you the opportunity to have transformation in the way you look at yourself and the world.

And that's what I want to talk to you about. I call it the "Inner Game" of life.

This is not just about mental tricks

This is not just about mental tricks or getting sex with women. Its not about looking alpha or showing everyone you are the boss. This is the kind of shift in understanding has impact throughout all areas of your life because its about the truth of your self and what you really are beyond the conditioning of the world around you. Many guys look to improvement in their sex life as evidence of their worth and fulfillment and if its not sex, its money or status of being cool, or some other thing they desire to feel complete. 

All of these pursuits can be powerful opportunities to develop your character, mindsets, skills, strategies and tactics and that’s great. But what about really being comfortable with yourself? What about awakening to your true nature and being at peace? What about learning to live and create from your true nature and to be at ease and in the flow of your desires and experiences?

That’s really my speciality and that includes getting better with the women you desire, feeling more confidant in your life purpose and direction, being abundant and wealthy...and more.

Your life is a reflection of your focus and action

Since the time that I first found out about topics like seduction, personal development, spirituality and change work back in 1999, I have become driven by a mission to help men discover their true self, re-gain inner confidence, realize real self worth and freedom of self expression within themselves so they can go for what they want and live their lives with authentic action.

My Journey

When I first began this journey I was a massage therapist and healer working on peoples bodies because I thought that was the best use of my skill and energy. After a few years of working as a physical therapist, I could see that the real change that many people needed (especially me) was not just in the body, but it was in the mind and how we perceived things. With this realisation I quickly I moved into learning about the nature of subjective perception and how to make changes to it through coaching, hypnosis, meditation and other modalities.


Power to transform

Because I was so fascinated with the power of humans to transform I became obsessed with the deeper exploration and nature of human potential. From this place of curiosity I delved into studying communication, relationships, belief's, perception and spirituality of all kinds. After a lot of soul searching I decided that working with men and becoming a social coach was a good step in the direction of the life I wanted to live. It was good timing as I joined forces with my good friend James Marshall from The Natural Lifestyles and quickly found myself in a growing dating and relationship coaching company called "The Natural" where I had a role teaching men as an executive social coach and inner game guru on small weekend workshops.

Since the early days of The Natural Projects with James and the team I have grown massively as a coach and have worked with countless men to help them become better leaders of their lives.


Inner Game Coaching

As a coach and mentor I have run thousands of hours of trainings and poured endless hours of personal thought, practice, and study into the questions of "WHY do we need to change in life? WHAT is it that men really need? And HOW can guys get it?" I asked these question for myself as well as everyone else. Luckily I always kept an open but critical mind to find the universal truths that could make the journey easier for myself and others. What I have come up with I have bundled together into the field I call INNER GAME COACHING.

Just so you know, I'm no stranger to challenges myself. I have learned many of the lessons I share the hard way as well as through constant development and application of strategic action combined with the curious and intelligent mind of a serial learner that’s always diving into different topics to develop my work.

The Hero's journey of life

Throughout my personal journey I have dealt with years of depression, anxiety, existential crisis, frustration, sadness, ill health, poverty, horrible circumstances, and self destructive behaviours through addiction and self sabotage. It has taken me many years to work through these issues and life circumstances that left me feeling like a failure in life and relationships.

I have invested a fortune (or at least pretty much all the money I had at the time) in courses, mentors, specialists, retreats and more as well as working tirelessly on developing and discovering my own way and tools forward to become the man that I am happy to be today.

Because of this epic heroes journey of life, I have been inspired by a vision to create REAL methods and support for men to get what they need on inner, outer and lifestyle levels so they can get on with life and make the most of what they have.


If you are having a tough time and need some support or even if you're doing great and just want to get better I can help you. Often the clients that first come to me struggle with doubts about themselves and their ability to get what they need in life. Whether it be because of personal trauma, cultural programming, scarcity, or some other source.

Become a mature integrated masculine man

Because every mans life is different, creating solutions to challenges like that is quite complex. This is why I took DECADES to refine my content, systems, and style of teaching for helping men. The approaches I use today are a directed synthesis of non-dual insights, creator mindsets, practical self-mastery skills, and strategies that are designed to assist shifts in the life experience of each individual man, creating the embodied change he needs or desires in order to liberate himself and experience a sense of confidence and wholeness in life. The result is a system of coaching that has the ability to support men to close the gaps in their development so they can move on from feeling like aimless, weak nice guys that are victims of life, to become mature integrated masculine men on a path of powerful destiny creation and true self awakening.

I have also explored and discovered many patterns that show up over and over inside of the majority of the guys I work with. From these observations I have developed coaching techniques, classes and products designed to deal with the root causes of these general but very painful issues that most guys deal with on some level.

Over the last decade I have refined my style of coaching into a fast track to create more satisfaction, fulfilment, and success in life especially when it comes to self-mastery and connection with women in a genuine and intimate way. And most important thing is, in the process, I want to help you discover your free and expressed self . Which is the most priceless and powerful thing you can practice with your life.

Shae Matthews is a gifted coach and healer dedicated to building a better world

With over 15 years of development and training in a diverse range of human behaviour and development fields, Shae has a diverse background of knowledge and skills.

Shae's skills span the most modern of change techniques (Including NLP, hypnosis, energy medicine, and psychology) through to ancient systems of human development and initiation (including meditation, esoteric personal transformation, and mastery)

What people say

Here is what other people say about me

John Keegan

"I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Shae over a several year period pretty much all over the world. He is an inner game guru; A maestro! He is a real change maker and I’ve seen him do wonders in helping people move beyond a stuck state. He goes beyond the surface level of how to meet women and does the deep inner dives that go to the root of the issues men face today. He is a living Yoda when it comes to all the ways a man can transcend his limits, and step into true power. Cool, kind, patient, and above all, he cares!"



Liam McRae

"Shae is an unmatched inner game wizard. He is one of the most passionate coaches I have ever met, constantly exploring new ways to help you identify your mental blocks. He will not only will show you what you need to change, but he will install new powerful mindsets in you.“



James Marshall

"Shae brings a unique skill set to help identify and transform limiting beliefs for students that are crippling their ability to feel worthy and meet women. Together we have trained countless men in self-development and the seduction over the last 13 years. Of all the coaches I know Shae is one of the best and well versed in a wide and varied array of personal empowerment and seduction techniques. If you get the chance to work with Shae you are very lucky.



Get your 1on1 coaching with Shae
When you sign up you will receive a booking link with Shae to make a time and discuss your aims and issues. The Inner Game coaching process can help you get on your way to confidence, choice and a rock solid attitude toward life.

Coaching includes:

Inner Game Strategy Questionnaire

A powerful inner game strategy questionnaire designed to help you both focus on what has been challenging you, as well as what you wish to change to take your life to the next level.

A Live Session with Shae

A Live session time with Shae filled with action packed conversation, trance work, and practical tools to make the changes you desire in life.

Exclusive Resources

Many supportive resources that are specifically catered to your needs. Be prepared to start becoming a true master of your life.

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