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Uncategorized Sep 30, 2019

Ignite Your Masculine Potential!

Men in modern, urban societies are missing the transformative experience of initiation into manhood. They are denied a clear call to their masculine hero’s journey and often fail to embark on their evolution towards their full potential.

Without strong male role models or practical journeys towards developing our healthy warrior nature we don’t learn how to embody a strong masculine spirit and build and maintain momentum on our mission.

This lack of proper guidance from role models can leave a man under-developed and in a state of immature, self-doubting, emotionally locked-off masculinity.

This immature state manifests most obviously as social ineptitude, numb emotional expression, lack of grace or feeling at ease within yourself, and sexual shame or insecurity, but the truth is that disconnection from a healthy, grounded, fully embodied masculinity is debilitating in all areas of your life. 

Self-worth remains shaky when you are...

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